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FIVE years ago, I was at the lowest point I had ever been in my life.

My Mom had died the year before, I was fresh out of another disappointing relationship, was in debt for the 1st time in my life, felt completely unmotivated and stagnant in my career, and felt like I was on the road to nowhere.

I felt like my life had no purpose or value. I remember thinking if I were to get hit by a bus today, yeah, that’d be okay.

I was walking dead.

Then one day my therapist told me she was gifting me a Tarot reading to some woman in Brooklyn.

I had been familiar with the Tarot growing up, as my mom had read it avidly. But I didn’t really understand it, and it had been so many years since I had last had a reading- the last time being when I was a teenager!

I accepted her gift, but being that I was walking dead I went in expecting nothing.

That Tarot reading was the first day of the rest of my life.

Photo by  Shaw Photo Co.

Within 45 minutes this reader had made a map of my life on the table, removing any fog surrounding it.

Suddenly my life had purpose. I wasn’t just walking around aimlessly “living” to live anymore. That reading ignited life into me in a way that no other therapy or modality could have given me.

It was one of the most healing experiences of my life.

I did not walk out of there the same person that had walked in.

Soon after that same reading I began making big changes and slowly unraveling the life that I had built for myself. A life that clearly wasn’t working.

Exactly one year after that reading, I had completely left my career in the acting industry all together and was studying the Tarot with that same reader. Three months later I was already reading Tarot professionally.

If you allow it...Tarot can change your life.


Professional bio

Laurel is a gifted Intuitive Tarot Reader, Teacher and Abundance Lifestyle Coach.

She helps creatives and healers to discover their soul’s purpose and life’s work for greater joy, prosperity and fulfillment.

After awakening to the ancient insight of the Tarot and the power of intuition, she supports clients in profound clarity and alignment through the timeless teachings and wisdom of these tools.

She is a graduate of Delphi University’s In-Depth Channeling program, one of the world’s leading healing schools dedicated to Spiritual Training and Mediumship.

Photography by Shaw Photo Co.