Private Events & Parties

Private Events & Parties


Interested in having a Tarot reader at your next event or party?

Or want to throw a Goddess Night for you and your friends?

I offer services for events such as mini 10-minute Tarot readings, as well as personally tailored events around mindfulness and ritual. 

  • Tarot Reading: starts at $150/ hour. I can read up to 5-6 people in 1 hours time.

  • Goddess Night Celebrations: I love doing these specially catered Goddess events, where we bring an intention and theme to the night and create practical magic around it.  

    We can make an evening that’s super goddessy in indulging yourselves with yummy food, good drinks, and one that also creates a magical space for everyone to have a lot of fun, connect & bond with each other on a more intimate sisterhood level. These personally tailored ceremonies/ events start at $150 and TBD depending on time & services rendered.

    I offer two themes to work with. Both run 2 hrs in length:

  1. Tap Into Your Own Magic - Discover the power of your intuition and how to begin to tap into it! I start by talking about what intuition is and how it can affect and change your life for the better. I walk everyone through some centering and visualization meditations along with an intuition based game and exercise that allow the group to play and explore their intuitive abilities and what it feels like. Afterwards, we go around the group and share our experiences, and pull a Goddess Oracle card to solidify the evening.

  2. Attracting Abundance - Explore the laws of attracting abundance and working with manifestation to begin creating the life you want. I begin by talking about the basic laws of attraction and incorporating abundance into that. I lead the group through a series of visualizations and meditations that help them identify one thing they’d like to manifest intro their life, and begin learning how to magnetize it to them. At the end the ladies can go around share their experiences, along with pulling a Goddess Oracle card to give them a message about their intention.

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