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Press & Praise

PRESs & praise




Honestly, my reading with you was one of the best experiences I've ever had.

 I came to you when I was in a fog and wasn't sure what was ahead. You gave me peace and clarity on trauma I had been struggling with for a long time, and meeting with you helped me release so many anxieties I had been holding onto. I was really nervous to connect with spirit and lean into my intuition again, but you really helped me overcome that.

You have such an amazing gift and your personality brings it through in such a down to earth and fun way. It feels comfortable to connect with you.”

A.J., Artist, Buffalo, NY



"Every time I was at a crossroads, you were there to pull cards and offer me clarity and comfort. 

You saw my breakup before I was ready to accept it, and the growth of my business; You offered support as I prepared to enter into a new chapter of life. Your readings are helpful in that they confirm my intuition and are always spot on with the energy, and the direction things are moving in.”

Malissa Larson, Founder & Owner of Ashtanga Yoga Buffalo



"Her intuition is otherworldly

Laurel’s readings are so spot on. I’ll give her a name, and she’ll definitively describe them in great detail, nailing everything that I needed to know about them or the situation involving them. Her words help to clarify and guide me to make the right decisions. "  

— C.S., Actress, New York City



“Your readings always leave me with a sense of calm, hope, and direction. I have new motivation to take action upon things needing attention.

You’ve given me insight to situations in my life needing guidance and clarification, and how to better navigate through them.

I love your authenticity and your ability to offer guidance in a way that truly resonates. You are such a gifted healer, intuitive and beautiful soul.” 

- Melissa A. Crane, DC MS HHP, Radiant Chiropractic



"My reading truly was what I needed to hear at that exact moment to propel me in trust and forward motion.”

Nicole Vescio Noblett, Svanur Body Care, Floral + Herbal alchemist